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8 Iran Build Exhibition from October16 to 19
Shandong Lark Central Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.
Address:No.88 Shenzhen Road, Zaozhuang City 277800, Shandong Province. P. R. China
As a manufacturer and provider of high-quality central air conditioner systems and solutions, Lark air controls the comfort and assures the high quality. Our efforts to ensure high quality products begin in the designing lab and manufacturing sites, we invest to use advanced equipments in on-line inspection room and national standard testing room. Witnessed cooperation with USA and Germany firms, our high quality and sincere service satisfy our worldwide customers all the time. Lark air offers reliable, state-of-the-art and energy saving systems which include: air cooled water chiller (5kw to 50kw, 60kw to 100kw, 120kw to 1180kw), ground/water source heat pump(5kw to 1800kw), rooftop packaged units, ducted split units, top discharge condensing unit, fan coils etc. Our advantage: ... [more]
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