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Water Chilled Fan Coil Unit
Air Flow: 340-2380m3/h


Frame and structure
Panels and frame are made of galvanized steel, properly punched and punched for fixing both accessories and the unit itself.
Heating coil
The coils are made of seamless tubes expanded into aluminum fins in continuous block. The connections have brass headers with female fittings and provided with easily accessible vent and drainage valve.
Fan deck The fan decks are composed of double suction centrifugal fans with aluminum impellers and 3-speed fan motors. Each fan motor assembly is dynamically balanced.
Drip tray
The drip trays are made from sheet metal treated with polyester powder coating to ensure total resistance to atmospheric agents.
The filter is installed on the units with plenum only.
Electrical connection box
All electric wires are connected to enclosed electrical terminal block, situated on the same side of the water connections.
On-board thermostat and remote thermostat
♦ Electric heater
♦ Return air box
♦ Balancing valve
L  FP  N   E   F   B  5.1  M
① ②  ③  ④  ⑤ ⑥  ⑦  ⑧
① Lark air product                       ⑤ Air intake                               ⑦ Air flow                       
② Fan coil                                          F: Front air intak                   ⑧External static pressure
③ Installation method                     O: Underside air intake           --: Standard(12Pa)
L: with supporting legs                ⑥Coil type                                     M: Medium static pressure (30Pa)
N: without supporting legs              A: 2 pipe 2 rows                       H: High static pressure (50Pa)
④ Unit version                                   B: 2 pipe 3 rows
C: Concealed version                       C: 2 pipe 4 rows
E: Exposed version with plastic covers
                                                               D: 4 pipe 2+1 rows
                                                               E: 4 pipe 3+1 rows
Technical data
2 pipe  3 row
4 pipe 3+1 rows
*The data are referred to the following conditions:
  Cooling: room temperature: 27℃ 50% RH, water temperature: 7/12 ℃, high speed.
  Heating: room temperature: 21℃, water temperature: 60/50 ℃, high speed.  **Sound pressure measured in anechoic room 1.5 m away from the unit.

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