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Top Discharge Condensing Unit
Cooling capacity from 17600 to 55500Btu/h
Top Discharge Condensing Unit
Outdoor installation
● 13 SEER efficiency range
● Capacity : 17600Btu/h-55500Btu/h
● Cooling only and heat pump version
● State-of-art compressor
● Coils are constructed of copper tubing with protected aluminum fins for durability and long lasting efficient operation
● Plastic net coil guard is optional
● Operating sounds are minimized through upward discharge air flow
● All units are fully tested and charged with refrigerant before delivery
● Long life permanently lubricated motor-bearings need no annual servicing
● Fully exposed refrigerant connections
● All the components are quality brand
L  AA   C  A  T  60
①  ②  ③④⑤ ⑥
①L: Lark air product               ③C: Cooling only                ⑤T: Top discharge
②Unit type                                      H: Heat pump                  ⑥ Model  
   AA: Air to Air                           ④Refrigerant type
   AW: Air to Water                        --: R22      
   WA: Water to Air                        A: R410a
   WW: Water to Water                B: R134a
                                                          C: R407c
Technical data (R410a)
* The performance values refer to the following conditions: outdoor temperature DB 35° (95F), WB 24°C (75F);
** SEER: rated in accordance with ARI 210-895 and D.O.E. Test Standards.

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